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Stuff I'm selling

No trades now, sorry, I REALLY need the money now and I prefer selling.
Paypal is preferred (credit card and eChecks are ok, I won't charge any fees, ever), and USPS money orders (only USPS please). NO PERSONAL CHECKS and NO CONCEALED CASH!!

*Items will be shipped within a week after receiving payment.*

**~ I'd prefer NOT to ship anything outside the US, since the new international rates are INSANE!! X_x ~**

Please note that I can only go to the Post Office once a week.
**Next trip to the PO:  Sometime before July 10th **

I'll only hold items if we agree on it. If I don't hear back from you in 3 days they're back for sale!!


**All in excellent condition and in English.

NOTE: Shipping cost is NOT included (unless you buy $30 or more of my stuff, then you get free shipping if you live in the US)

Shipping costs for manga:
(media mail in the US only, including delivery confirmation)
1 book - $2.50
2-4 books - $3.50
5-9 books - $5
10+ books - $6


* Maison Ikkoku vol 1 , 9.  (both read from left to right).$3 for both


* Our kingdom 2 (yaoi). $7 $5 $4 (VOLS 1,3-4 SOLD)


~ None for sale at the moment ~

I have TONS of stationery I have been collecting for years now, lettersets, letter pads, loose letter set and note pad sheets, envelopes... Please keep in mind some letter sets/pads are complete and some are missing sheets and envelopes,   I have also the stickers that came with them somewhere.
Since there are tons of items in a big plastic box, I don't want to bother checking each of them, so I'd rather sell them as lots.

**~ I'd prefer NOT to ship anything outside the US, since the new international rates, especially for things as heavy as manga, are INSANE!! X_x ~**  

You can see my feedback here

Comment here or in my post in garagesalejapan if you're interested.
Email: sealedwish @
Thanks for looking! ^^

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